Wednesday, October 4,  2023

Another great day of canvassing! 

Thanks to all the volunteers who’re spending their weekends letting people know how 5A and 5B will help our students thrive. 

Sign up for your neighborhood!

Car paintings were a success!

Calling all painters! 

Canvassing THIS Saturday! 

Yard signs are in!

Welcome to Invest in DCSD

On Tuesday, August 8, the Douglas County Board of Education unanimously voted to place funding on November’s ballot.

We are a community group of parents, grandparents and Douglas County community members dedicated to helping our students succeed, supporting our teachers and other DCSD employees, and making our schools modern and safe.  We will be reaching out to our local community to share information about our schools. Join us or donate to support our efforts - we welcome you!

Lenaya Dotseth, a Sterling Ranch resident, speaks at the Invest in DCSD campaign kick off on Aug. 13 while her children, Everly and Cohen, offer support. The Douglas County School District is asking voters to approve funding for new schools and more competitive staff pay. PHOTO BY MCKENNA HARFORD

Christa Gilstrap, a Highlands Ranch parent, stands on Oct. 17, 2022 next to her minivan's back window, painted with messages of support for a property tax increase in Douglas County School District. On Aug. 8, the school board unanimously approved putting a $66 million mill levy override and $484 million bond on the 2023 ballot. PHOTO BY ELLIS ARNOLD

Thank you, DCSD principals!

Thank you to the 65 Principals who signed this letter that was read at the Douglas County School District board meeting last week! There is no one better equipped to speak on the very real needs of our district. These people are miracle workers making every dollar go as far as they can and working out the jigsaw puzzle that is staffing our buildings to make sure kids have what they need. Thank you for all you do for our schools, DCSD wouldn’t be the same without you.

“As principals within the district, we have faced
immense challenges this summer regarding
teacher retention and staff hiring. The decrease in the applicant pool and the scarcity of qualified
candidates have been deeply concerning. Simply
put, it is not that we have unqualified applicants; it is that we have zero applicants for many open

See the letter and signatures here

Get involved!