Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who came out and voted to support our schools! 5A passed!! Today is a day for celebration!

We are elated to be able to give our hard working teachers and staff the raise they deserve. Thank you to everyone who showed up for our hard working staff!

Sadly 5B didn’t pass, but the need for a bond hasn’t gone away. We will stand by to support the district when the time comes to try again. Having fully funded schools is our priority!

It’s been such an inspiration to see our community come together to support our schools, staff, and students. Thank you.

Strong, widespread community support for 5A and 5B

You already know how firmly we believe our schools need to pay our staff competitively and keep our schools, staff and students safe. Don’t just listen to us. Take a look at what community members are saying:

Support 5A and 5B

“Voting yes on 5A and 5B are wise investments in our community by providing funding needed to increase support and teacher pay which maintains and brings in the best and brightest, by allowing for updates to aging schools and improved security in an age where violence is increasing rapidly, and by offering increased career training and trade education for high school students.“

Susan Flynn-Schoenig
October 30, 2023

5A and 5B are needed

“Why do we need to pass the 2023 MLO? DougCo teachers’ salaries today aren’t competitive. DCSD teachers receive an annual salary $15,000 less than their peers in Littleton Public Schools (LPS) and $8,000 less than their peers in the JeffCo School District. DCSD continues to run an extremely lean administration, with admin costs per student that are one-half that of LPS or Cherry Creek and one-third that of Denver Public Schools. Unlike the other property tax increases we’ve all experienced in DougCo since 2019, every single penny of MLO revenue will remain with Douglas County schools.“

Dan Smith
Highlands Ranch
October 16, 2023

Vote for school funding

“The MLO and bond are fiscally conservative and responsible. Preventative maintenance is more cost-effective than deferred maintenance. Do you regularly maintain your car or skip maintenance until it dies? Building necessary new schools gives taxpayers a tangible return (infrastructure) for tax dollars instead of burning dollars as fuel for bussing.”

Michael Burmeister
Highlands Ranch
September 18, 2023