October 11

Lone Tree council supports six ballot measures

Measures include Douglas County School District measures, open space and affordable housing

“‘I think that our children are really one of our greatest assets, so for a number of reasons, I’m in support of this,’ said Councilmember Marissa Harmon.

‘Every tax, we recognize, is a burden, but I think they’ve demonstrated a need and a good stewardship that is proposed for these dollars,’ Millet said.“

October 9

DCSD bond/MLO committee 'cautiously optimistic' as election gets closer

Donations, endorsements show steady support

“Support within the district seems almost universal with the Mill Bond Oversight Committee, the District Accountability Committee, the Financial Oversight Committee and numerous school accountability committees endorsing the bond and MLO.

Multiple municipalities also offered formal approval by passing resolutions in support…”

September 22

DougCo Commissioner endorses MLO and bond campaign

““As a commissioner, taxpayer, and father of school-age children, I recognize education is an essential component of our community which requires building, maintaining, and operating schools, just like libraries, parks, and other public facilities and services which are integral to the success of our county…”

September 13

Lone Tree council members voice support of Douglas County School District ballot measures

Lone Tree schools face challenges with offering competitive pay, teacher recruitment

September 6

DougCo school committee vows district will spend MLO/bond money as promised

“‘I can assure the community that all of the policies and procedures are in place for proper oversight of the money if an MLO and bond are passed this November,’ said John Freeman, chair of the Mill Bond Oversight Committee (MBOC).”

August 24

Douglas County School District puts $450 million bond measure, $60 million mill levy override on ballot

Money raised would be used to build new schools, pay educators higher wages

“The unanimous vote by Douglas County School District’s Board of Education was a rare show of unity by the board…”

August 24

DCSD approves bond, mill levy override questions for November

School board addresses concerns about future spending

August 23

Issue committee joins effort to pass Douglas County school funding questions

Volunteers, board members get mobilized

“Gilstrap said she also tries to help people envision what a better funded school district would look like to gain their support.

“We’ve been underfunded for a long time and the district is still providing a top-level education,” she said. “We’re doing a good job on very little, so what could we do if we were properly funded?”

August 12

DougCo schools superintendent makes passionate case for MLO and bond

“Unlike other MLO measures, homeowners won’t pay more if property values increase because the MLO dollar amount is fixed. The tax on a $500,000 property equals $5 a week or $255 a year.

Should taxpayers approve a $450 million bond, taxes would not increase because it would not change the current mill. If the bond doesn’t pass, taxes will decrease slightly.“