Local Voices

Here in Douglas County, local community members wondered if we could put aside differences and come together to support our children, our teachers, and our school system. They asked whether leadership would unify around the ballot initiatives. These were legitimate and unsurprising concerns in our community, with our wide-ranging perspectives.

The answer is unequivocally yes. In this section of the website, you'll hear from each Board of Education director; senior staff members; building leadership/principals; and community leaders. Their concern for our schools is unmistakable. Their commitment to funding competitive salaries and neighborhood schools is authentic and compelling.

You'll see more of this unity in the newspapers in the next few weeks. Check out the endorsement page - we update it just about every day.

Leaders in education; city and town council leadership; political luminaries from every party; and community and philanthropic leaders have rallied around our schools. It's been inspiring to watch the momentum grow.

Our biggest challenge: is there enough time before the election to reach the 70% of the population who do not have children in our schools? We need to educate them on the complexities of school finance and ask them support our local schools.

Want to help us cross the finish line successfully?

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Join local leadership - city and town councils; chambers of commerce; Board advisory committees; community organizations; school accountability committees; and parents, teachers and alumni by endorsing the funding and spreading the word

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